Having had exhibitions of heritage and historic buildings I turned attention to the urban Industrial environment that also exists. Focusing on the Port Adelaide area of factories, chimneys, mazes of pipes, tanks and gantries  I explored detail sections of buildings void of human presence but aware that amongst the grime, smells and chaos people actually work here. (Reference the Bruce Springsteen song “Factory”, 1978.)

I also toyed with the idea of irregular shaped drawings to emphasis complexity of the landscape.

  • “C.S.R. Factory, Port Adelaide.” Coloured Pencil. October 1992.
  • “ ICI Factory 2. Osbourne.” Mixed Media. 565 x 760 mm. May 1992.
  • Power Plant
  • “Sawdust Extractor. Woodville.” Pen and Ink Drawing. 600 x 460mm. May 1992.
  • “Simpson Pope Factory. Pennington.” Pen and Ink Drawing. 200 x 600mm. May 1992.
  • “Stairwell, Adelaide Brighton Cement. Birkenhead.” Coloured Pencil. 600 x 480mm. November 1992.