Burra Mural highlights past emporium glory


I had been approached April 2016 by Daryl Venning of the Regional Council of Goyder to paint one of my heritage style murals on a wall in Market Street, Burra. I met with him and was given the subject matter; the Drew and Crewes building, one of the early emporiums in the main street along with horses and wagons.

Having decided that and put in a quote I was told ‘not to hold my breath’ because it had to be approved by Department of Heritage and the Environment. The end of September 2017 permission came through !!!! so in early December having finished school project commitments I loaded the car and headed to Burra,; an old copper mining town about one and a half hours north of Adelaide.

I arrived at lunchtime on the Wednesday and spent the afternoon repainting the wall and helping the local Council chaps set up road barriers, fencing to protect me as I worked. That evening I drew up the image, approx. 7.2 x 2.4 metres. Thursday I woke to light showers which quickly developed to rain. A hasty shelter was erected but it still was a frustrating hard days work. Friday and Saturday I put in the hours to make up time ….. receiving lots of positive comments and feedback from the locals and passersby.

It was a three colour tonal dropout of the original photograph, cream, sepia and ochre colour.

I then heard the weather forecast for the next week; upper 30’s so next day I started at dawn and painted until it was finished at nine o’clock that night. I packed up in the dark, paid up the accommodation at the local hotel and headed south for home.