This was an ongoing series of exhibitions locally and interstate in the late nineties related to unusual objects found in a rural setting.

‘….. objects, machinery, discarded junk are often taken for granted by the locals with little or no consideration. They maybe clumps of letterboxes at a crossroad, hand painted signs or rusting grain bins and machinery ….. long since discarded…..’  Mainly colour pencil drawings the images were gathered from travels, working and living in the rural environment

  • “The Fuel Tank.”Coloured Pencil.600 x 400mm.March 1994.
  • “Keep Out Sign.”Coloured Pencil.250 x 200mm.April 1995.
  • “The Old Car.”Coloured Pencil.400 x 600mm.March 1994.
  • “Letterboxes 1.” 400 x 420mm. coloured pencil.
  • “The Dog Fence.”Coloured Pencil.400 x 600mm.March 1994.
  • “The Grain Bin.”Coloured Pencil.400 x 600mm.March 1994.
  • “The Old Car.” 400 x 600mm. coloured pencil.
  • “The Old Cart.”Coloured Pencil.320 x 515mm.April 1995.