…. Confluence : a flowing together of two or more streams. 2. a place of junction. 3. a coming together of people or things.

“ An exhibition I had with Robert Jankowski; living in Mildura. At first we focused on the physical landscapes of the coming together of the River Murray with the River Darling and River Murrumbidgee. The more we researched we realized the connection of these two sites with the ‘coming together’ of explorer Captain Charles Sturt and the local indigenous groups as he rowed down the river ….. another confluence of sorts.”

For this exhibition I did pen and ink drawings, lino prints and stencil work.

  • “River Junctions and Captain Sturt’s Map.” pen and ink drawing. 530 x 810mm. (3 drawings). 2014.
  • “Rounding the Bend.” lino print. A/P. 300 x 300mm. 2014.
  • “Confluence at the Sandbar.” two colour stencil print. 420 x 640mm. 2014.
  • “River Murrumbidgee junction and map.” 600 x 400mm.mixed medium
  • “Canoe Tree, Murrumbidgee Junction.” 600 x 400 mm stencil.
  • Detail of “Across the River.” 250 x 360mm, Oil Pastel.
  • “Sturt’s Camp at the Junction. lino print. A/P. 300 x 300mm. 2014.
  • “River Darling Junction and Map.” mixed medium. 705 x 930mm. 2014.