This exhibition with fellow artist James Parker broadly covers the area of the state north of Port Augusta. We had both worked and travelled through this area over the years from Artist in Schools, Country Arts SA and visiting the APY Lands, as well as holidaying and camping expeditions.

However it is the open spaces, the landscape and the signs of white man’s habitation of the land that has intrigued me – what artefacts and marks they have left behind as opposed to the indigenous people that lived in harmony with this land for millennia.

This body of work has mainly been graphite pencil and coloured pencils and was exhibited unframed.

  • "And the Sign said ......,Marree." pencil 300 x 400mm April 2018
  • "Water Tank, Farina." pencil400 x 300mm April 2018
  • "The Old Ghan, Marree." pencil 300 x 400 mm April 2018
  • "The Old Cart." pencil 400 x 600mm. April 2018
  • "Tarcoonyinna Airstrip." coloured pencil 300x400mmm April 2018
  • "Seen Better Days." coloured pencil 200x300mm. April 2018
  • "Rock Outcrop 4." coloured pencil 200x300mm. February 2018
  • "Papa or Salt and Pepper." Coloured Pencil 140 x 320mm. April 2018.
  • "Fregon Church." pencil 200 x 300 mm March 2018
  • "Dingo Fence 2." pencil 400 x 600mm. March 2018.
  • "Crushed Can, Ernabella." pencil 550 x 450mm. April 2018
  • "The Far North." coloured pencil 140 x 320 mm. April 2018.