Murals or large scale paintings are often frowned upon in” high art circles “ but they have always been around and people love them. They are a form of expression, communication and can be aesthetically enhancing.

I have always been intrigued with them and wanted to work on large scale paintings.

I began with the first murals when I was still teaching; a painted    rainwater tank at Port Broughton Area School and then an artists   panel at West Lakes High School in 1985.

The first professional commission was at Mitcham Shopping Centre in 1987 (since burnt down) and then at Moonta, Jamestown main street in 1993. From then they took off; in schools, country towns and private commissions. They have varied from one panel to the largest single piece being the Williamstown wall at seventy five metres. Many are done with students, community artists or on my own. Over the thirty years I have painted nearly two hundred murals around the state.

I have divided the site into two main categories; school based and history.

  • History Murals
  • School Murals
  • Other Mural Projects