1989 we lived in rural Lincolnshire in which I had a dream year drawing and exhibiting in foreign lands. This proved a turning point for my career and as we travelled all over the country I was able to visually record it .

I had two exhibitions; sold quite a few pieces and was accepted as a member to the prestigious Lincolnshire and Humberside Art Society.

These are just a few of the drawings I did in that year away. When I returned home I had an exhibition at Lombard Gallery, Adelaide and one in Port Lincoln relating the Lincolnshire connection through the explorer Matthew Flinders.

  • “Mullion Bay, Cornwall.” Coloured Pencil. 400 x 600. 1989.
  • “View across Navenby.” Coloured Pencil. 400 x 600mm. 1989.
  • “The Road to Wellingore.” Coloured Pencil. 400 x 600mm. 1989.
  • "Robin Hoods Bay" 400 x 600mm. Coloured Pencil. 1989
  • "View of Wellingore". 400 x 600mm. Pastel. 1989
  • “View across Navenby.” Coloured Pencil. 400 x 600mm. 1989.
  • “Cottages,High Street, Navenby.” Pen and Ink Drawing. 200 x 300mm. 1989.
  • “The White Horse, Westbury.” 400 x 600mm.Coloured Pencil. 1989